Just wish I had this last week when I went to my Questura appointment. I have a question — Is it possible to obtain a Carta d’identita from the Anagafe using the receipt from a PdS (actually a CdS in my specific case), or must one have the actual released PdS/CdS to get the CdI?? However there is a (relatively) new catch with this process you don’t mention, namely the language requirement. Healthcare Insurance: do you think it better to obtain before entry or once there. This confirms the day and time that you must be at the immigration office. Thank you for taking the time to map this out. I wanted to move to Canada, US, Australia or NZ as I had got bored with & outgrew Netherlands, EU & UK. I am in a tricky situation, I go back to Milan for university on September (as soon as I get there I’ll begin the process of renewing it), and my PdS expires in October, but I want to go back home for a couple of weeks in December/January for the holidays, and if my PdS takes as long as the last time (6 months), I will have nothing but the receipt as a travel document, besides my passport. Thanks for your help! He’s a Spanish citizen and will be working with the UN. Per convertire la tipologia del permesso di soggiorno di cui si è già in possesso bisogna chiedere il nulla osta allo Sportello unico per l'immigrazione della prefettura competente per territorio di residenza dello straniero e, poi, chiedere la conversione alla questura. Just move right along to the next tabbachi and try again. I just know the permesso process once the visa is taken care of. Leaving Italy does not reset your time, but what it does do is give you those extra days. She is the founder and editor of this blog and prefers all of her days to include coffee, gelato, and wine. However the other requirement is that you prove you posses an A2 level knowledge of the Italian language. I am thinking cover for self, wife (daughter I need understand that situ re her Art University in Rome), what would be good ideas? My question is this: Do you think we should still get the kit and apply for the permesso within the 8 business days just in case we get the visa? Hi Chris! I’m curiously about the PdS. Marca da bollo 16 €, 3. Copy any documents about why you are in Italy. Should we make a re-entry Visa.And when Provisional Permesso di Soggiorno they gave me to keep while I waited for my official Permesso di Soggiorno. Hello! They might offer something ‘in nero’ or under the table, but that will likely be low wages and might get you both in trouble. but i want to be sure about that with receipt from post office, can i go to sofia or not. You can travel with the receipt as proof! Hi Stacey – when I applied for my first student visa, I was asked to show that I had enough money in the bank to support myself for the duration of my stay. Dopo la presentazione della domanda in posta, il diretto interessato potrà conoscerne l’avanzamento chiamando un Contact Center, sul Portale Immigrazione o tramite SMS della Questura. Kim. Thank you in advance. Required fields are marked *. I know the feelings of stress which is why I tried to lay out the steps! Hi my name is fred me and my wife was married in austria am Nigeria my wife is Austrian when I wen to post the kit I put my international marriage certificate that was translated and approved but when I got to qestura on my appointment day the polizia didnt collect my international marriage certificate that was translated and approved he then na collected the international marriage certificate like that because he said is already valid in all countries and I was finger printed hope is not a problem.thanks, Hi, thanks for sharing this information. I have been checking the status of my application online, “residence permit is being processed” is the only status i have been seeing for this one month. but still we havent received it and are planning to go for family reunification.Is it possible.plz reply. Hi Lauren, Did you find out any further info on this? Hi, thanks for this post! In that case, you will also still have a valid Schengen visa in your passport for any trips. Anyways, make sure you take the right kind of number. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 50. This is because you have to convert your visa (which grants you access into the country) to a permit of stay (which allows you to actually stay in the country). Don’t worry. Just enquired yesterday in questura dept in Varese and they told that the PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO PER MOTIVI DI STUDIO: Il permesso di soggiorno per motivi di studio è rilasciato ai cittadini extracomunitari che richiedono di frequentare un corso di studio, sia universitario che di formazione, in Italia a seguito del rilascio di un apposito visto per studio dal Consolato nel paese di origine o residenza. I was wondering if you would have any insight on this issue – I have a 12 month working holiday visa issued to me. Hi Daniel! Or this 90 days has a;ready expired once I stepped in the Schengen Area, which is almost 1 year before…. It has been issued? Or is there another type of visa I should start with? Natalie is a travel and food writer who has been living in Rome, Italy since 2010. Or is it usually the case that the permesso won’t be granted until after the semester has started? Navigation générale Hi Lauren, I think I had to bring the same documents that I included in my visa application. I was told that they would get in contact with me when the receive my kit and didn’t receive a reply. How did it go once leaving the country? I can enter the country for less than 3 months even thought without a visa. Offriamo informazioni sul permesso di soggiorno, cittadinanza, lavoro, studio e sull'immigrazione in generale. For students coming to Italy to study. West Point accuses more than 70 cadets of cheating, Kentucky coach asks player to 'step away' from team, Strange signal found coming from neighboring star, Comedy star John Mulaney checks into rehab, Suitor calls it quits right before 'Bachelorette' finale, Couple walks free after 843 days in church sanctuary. Here is how you can get your very own Permesso di Soggiorno (Italian permit for stays longer than 3 months): Within 8 days of moving to Italy, you have to apply for your permesso. Do you have only a residency certificate? Al figlio minore è rilasciato un permesso di soggiorno elettronico individuale ( circolare relativa all'allegato minori). If we can’t get permission to stay in Italy for the full 120 days and have to go to a non-Shengen country after 90 days, will we be allowed back into Rome even just for an overnight to catch our already booked airfare back to America? My inclination is that we should, but I’m not sure if it’s even possible. How to Get a Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy. Stay on in Italy After the student visa expiration date for an additional 90 days of July-Sept the number usually starts with a «0», which should be omitted, otherwise it won’t fit in the boxes. Ruthy! Can you apply for a “Permesso Di Soggiorno” if you are on a “Tourist Visa”? Thanks! It turns out I’ll be likely attending school in either Florence or Cremona (post-grad studies for music performance), so it’s good to know that I’ll probably be able to work even a little bit– that is, if I can find a job in either place. INDICARE IL NUMERO TOTALE DI FOGLI: you must report the number of sheets of paper you attach to the request (copy of passport, copy of visa, copy of health insurance, etc) 25. I’m an American, and will not be working at this point. Glossaries for translators working in Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, etc. Ici vous pouvez vérifier l'état de votre document. 17. I want to make sure I have this correct. A traveling companion and I are planning to go to Italy for a 6 week art course in Florence. Worst case scenario, they also have these photo machines at the main Rome quester. I’ll be travelling back stateside for the months of June-September, and my PDS expires on the 23rd of September. I think I waited two months for the my first appointment in 2010, but the most recent wait between application and appointment was only about 3 weeks this time around. Wishing you the best of luck in Italy! They will have the copy! Are we still able to apply for this? I probably will not be working. I am not able to understand it first the process what I am doing and for what. No, you just need to register for residency at the anagrafe and can get a carta d’identita from there. I appreciate your thoughts, and I’m sorry if the question has already been addressed in this very popular thread. One of these was a letter from my landlord saying I had permission to live in the house. Exactly – I would find the minimum insurance you are comfortable with and then apply for the SSN once you have the PdS. Wonderful!! This may result in Visa not getting back in time for her initial travel Mainly, the officer will go over the information with you, check your documents and take your finger prints. Or maybe am I just a bit naive, Natalie David. I have been staying at a family’s home in Bologna for the first 6 weeks so perhaps I can just give them this address? 1. It looks like this: 14. I owe you big!!! Hi Josh! After five continuous years of residency this Permesso can be applied for. Hi Chamie – Apologies but I don’t have visa advice. Other Permesso di Soggiorno per dimora. Hi there, I am a student in Italy, applied the permesso in June and had my fingerprinted in early July. I also thought I would mention that waiting times probably vary on a number of factors, and I wouldn’t necessarily say they have been reduced in recent years. They will also ask you where you want to pick the permesso up, so be prepared to name a police station near your house. These are the steps to follow when you already have a visa for Italy for more than 3 months. Can you tell me – what is the permesso exactly? C.F, 5. Hello! II dimoranti sono stranieri che soggiornano in Svizzera a lungo termine, per uno scopo ben determinato, esercitando o no un’attività lucrativa.. Il permesso di dimora per cittadini di Stati dell'UE-27/AELS (cittadini UE-27/AELS) ha una durata di validità di cinque anni. No need for a permesso! Arrive. I own a property in Italy and was thinking to spend a year there (not working). Anno di matrimonio e numero di figli. I’ve been searching dozens of sites, both American and Italian, and cannot find the answer to my question. Sorry I don’t have more info! from the police station, I have SMS for a date, the hour when I will be there for received permesso di soggiorno but I cannot go to take it on this date. When you get the questura, be prepared to wait and throw some elbows in line. … permesso di soggiorno has been dispatched from Rome from tuesday.Can you please tell me how much time will it take now to be delivered here in Varese. Should i follow the same steps in order to take the permesso and do i have to apply for a visa first to enter in Italy or to travel with schengen? Love this information! Hi Julie! Hi Julie – unless there is a critical issue, I would suggest you do everything in your power to go to the original appointment. My question is if my husband is a dual citizen can I (a US citizen) apply for a PS without having a visa first? I’m a bit confused though, I have read some places that you do not need a visa to apply for a permesso di soggiorno, but you can do it just with a passport. Classes are incredibly expensive and takes half of her day 5 days a week Just thought I would share my experience for anyone reading! Thank you for posting about this. The PdS is usually valid for 1 year. The permesso should be ready in 30-45 days and you can then go pick it up at the police station nearest to your home. I’ve been told that we will need a visa for a stay longer than 90 days. • Inside the kit you will find several documents. Thank you so much for the reply. Vuoi sapere se il permesso di soggiorno è pronto per la consegna. I don’t speak Italian and was so confused. Bring a letter from your university with the dates of your enrollment. If yes please let me know the same. Having basic Italian will help you a lot. Permesso di Soggiorno per Studio. Thanks for this information. I’ll be establishing residence in Milan proper….. Hi Natalie! We have been staying in hotels but are we technically still legally allowed to be in the country for longer than the 90 day schnegen rule or is that not allowed if we do not have the residency permit? Thanks for your article. Carta Identità/Ospitalità, 4. I have a similar question to Daniel. Claudia. You are quite wonderful. Its been more than a month I have applied in Questura. Also well connected by road/buses (by the Cristoforo Colombo). I’m making it sound like I’m looking to be a total loafer or Cosmo Kramer in Italy (I’m not, I promise! Please. 4 – sign the integration agreement @ sportello unico or questura. If so, won’t I need something in my passport (VISA) for when the German one expires? If I apply once I get back to Rome on the 14th of October will that be ok? It’s normal practice among the Chinese that with young daughter mum goes too to ensure daughter is ok. I’m presently sorting out a Schengen visa for my wife, that she’s allowed being married to me, I plan to resume my teaching work on-line from where we will live so of course need sort out Codice Fiscale. You are officially my bestest new friend. Other sites say that you can get everything necessary for a few euros at a kiosk at the rail station. I will enter, as always, with my American passport that will be stamped in my entrance to Italy. Thanks? Go to the tabbachi and buy a bollo. Track your permesso di soggiorno during renew. I’m in a similar situation as yourself. If you are in Rome, you can get the Rome questura by taking Metro B to Rebibbia. Firstly, awesome overview! My wife, American born citizen with Italian mother, has her Italian dual citizenship and passport. Thank you so much for the information. Any info about this will be helpful. I know I will have more questions the deeper I get into this, but I greatly appreciate your time and help in answering my questions.