3D World [UK] (October 2015)

3D World [UK] (October 2015)

Language: English

Pages: 102

ISBN: 2:00298881

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

PDF | English | 102 pages

3D World is a magazine published for those working in the 3D industry, including CG artists in animation, video games, illustration, architecture, and more. Included in the magazine are features on anything from career-related topics to new technologies in the field, practical tutorials on 3D-related skills, and news stories related to the industry.

3D World is known well for publishing features on anything from career-related topics to new technologies in the field. One writer interviews several hiring managers at top design firms, asking what exactly they look for in a good candidate and sharing those responses with readers in a recent issue.

Each issue of 3D World contains practical tutorials on various 3D-related skills. From simple skills like creating type effects in Illustrator and Photoshop to more complicated ones like prototyping designs effectively, the magazines experts and professionals have seen it all and are willing to teach.

Readers of 3D World are treated to news stories related to the industry. Be among the first to know about structural, personnel, and technology-based changes made by the worlds largest and most influential firms and manufacturers. The magazine is read worldwide, and nothing important is left out of its pages.

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