Newspaper Blackout

Newspaper Blackout

Austin Kleon

Language: English

Pages: 34

ISBN: 0061732974

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Poet and cartoonist Austin Kleon has discovered a new way to read between the lines. Armed with a daily newspaper and a permanent marker, he constructs through deconstruction--eliminating the words he doesn't need to create a new art form: Newspaper Blackout poetry.

Highly original, Kleon's verse ranges from provocative to lighthearted, and from moving to hysterically funny, and undoubtedly entertaining. The latest creations in a long history of "found art," <em>Newspaper Blackout</em> will challenge you to find new meaning in the familiar and inspiration from the mundane.

<em>Newspaper Blackout</em> contains original poems by Austin Kleon, as well as submissions from readers of Kleon's popular online blog and a handy appendix on how to create your own blackout poetry.

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