The Memory of Scent: Art and Murder in 19th Century Paris

The Memory of Scent: Art and Murder in 19th Century Paris

Lisa Burkitt

Language: English

Pages: 145

ISBN: 2:00083676

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Henri is a bit of a night owl. I like him. I think his insecurities make him comfortable to be around and he is instantly recognisable - this little bearded man with the bulbous nose and checked trousers. And he adores Maria, which is probably why he paints her so much. 'Henri de Toulouse Lautrec', his name has the ring of the nobility that he does indeed spring from, but I would say he is more at home among the girls of Montmartre."

Set against the backdrop of Paris in 1883, this is the story of two French women, Fleur and Babette, and of how their lives diverge when the artist they both model for is found dead. For Fleur, her life is lived on the fringes of the Impressionist movement in a world of art and music; for Babette, her life begins to unravel after she is imprisoned for the artist's murder, eventually become a courtesan on the French streets. This novel is told in alternating chapters, from the perspective of both women, as the truth is slowly revealed that they are the one person, whose personality was shattered by childhood trauma.

About the Author

Lisa Burkitt is an award-winning radio producer, who has written across a wide variety of formats, including film and short story. Her short story 'A Pinch of Tarragon' was chosen for inclusion in the international 'Best Paris Stories' anthology, being launched in Paris in May 2012.

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