“Cibo Nostrum”, one hundred chefs on Etna

cibo nostrum1

One hundred chefs from all over Italy have joined “Cibo Nostrum”, the gastronomic feast of excellence that will take place between Taormina and Zafferana May 22 to 24.

The 16 of May 22, there will be the arrival and registration of participants all’Esperia Palace Hotel, the “headquarters” of Cibo Nostrum while to follow, at 18, in the historic center of the town of Etna there will be an aperitif welcome with all the chefs in uniform.

The second day, Monday, May 23, he will leave to the “Pearl of the Ionian”, Taormina, which you will start the second, intense round of the event. From 11 to 13 hours it will take place the gastronomic workshops, this year dedicated to the blue fish, to its use in Italian cuisine and its promotion from the commercial point of view. Initially called “Chef in the square”, then rightly identified as “Taormina Cooking Fest – Tribute to Aurelio BUCIUNI”, the day of Monday 23 warmly embrace the tourist town, where along the main course will be performing over 100 chefs live, from around the national scene, with each of them which will offer haute cuisine of its territory. At 17 is expected to return to Taormina at a time of Zafferana where, again all’Esperia Palace Hotel, will host the dinner “Nic on Tour”, during which the National Italian Chefs will present the Erfurt Olympic menu, Germany. At 21.30, however, in the picturesque gardens of Atahotel Naxos Beach in Giardini Naxos will begin “The Feast of the Chefs”, reserved for the cooks and employees to Taormina Cooking Fest, with the musical performance of the group “Vulkanica”.

Tuesday, May 24, finally, the final day of the event, starting at 10.00 will take place all’Esperia Zafferana a kilometer update zero with maestro Fabio Tacchella, for members of the Italian Federation of Chefs. 13 at lunch on the theme: “The Paths of Etna” will give a big, warm “goodbye” to all participants of the upcoming 2017 edition of Cibo Nostrum.

font: radiotaormina.it