Eugenio Bennato and the “Taranta Power” the great guests of the VI edition of the ” Taranta SICILY FEST ” , on August 20 in Scicli .


SCICLI (RG) – Eugenio Bennato will be the great host of the sixth edition of the “Taranta Sicily Fest”, scheduled for August 20 in Scicli, in the province of Ragusa. The famous Italian singer will perform along with the Taranta Power, following a cultural and musical project which is pursuing for several years now.

Acting as a backdrop for one of the most important festivals dedicated to folk music of Southern Italy, it will again be the suggestive location of Cava San Bartolomeo. The popular music will come back to animate the whole city of Scicli which will be transformed for a day in the capital of the tarantula among Mediterranean sounds. Bennato is part of the Neapolitan school songwriters along with two brothers Edward and George, the unforgettable Pino Daniele, Tony Esposito, Alan Sorrenti. Had a long and intense artistic career began in the late ’60s and early’ 70s when he founded the New Companion of Popular Song. And it is her passion for popular music that led him in 1999 to found the Taranta Power movement created by artists from around the world with whom he will perform on the stage of the “Taranta Sicily Fest”. A draft national dissemination but above all international tarantula, to be understood as dance and musical style as belonging to the Mediterranean world but with a strong Italian character. An atmosphere of celebration and joy will breathe from the afternoon until late evening with a rich program of initiatives and activities, exposure of craft stands to stage pinches and tarantula dedicated to entertainment for adults and children. On the evening of course room for music with Eugenio Bennato and Taranta Power along with other guests, which will be unveiled in the coming days. Thousands expected attendance, as every year, a cheerful audience and all ages who want to meet in the open air, have fun and dance the night leaving “pinch” the tarantula.

The association’s organizational machine Barocco Events is already working inter alia by establishing a network between the business premises and shops of the city. On the occasion of the festival will offer visitors and tourists the culinary specialties of the area but also the best typical handicrafts. The “Taranta Sicily Fest”, now in its sixth year, has now become an unmissable event for the Sicilian summer. Inspired by “The Night of Taranta”, the biggest festival in Italy that takes place every year in Salento, the festival has now reached its own identity and is also recognized nationally. Also characteristic of this year’s edition graphic 2016, recalls the vision of a spiritual and heavenly world where the tarantula releases its ability to exorcise the demons hidden in each of us. The dance becomes a liberating act.

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