Lights, camera, action!, Beppe Fiorello in Sampieri

Ask the sea“. This is the title (provisional) of the film that is spinning Beppe Fiorello also Sampieri. Therefore started filming the movie filmed in Marzamemi, Scicli, Palazzolo Acreide and Portopalo that we had anticipated earlier in this article. Pictured (Gianna Gulino and taken from Facebook) a moment of filming in Scicli seaside village in which they were involved as extras also some locals.

The film is adapted from the book “The Ghosts of Portopalo” by G. Maria Bellu and is written by Paul Logli, Alessandro Pondi and Giuseppe Fiorello. It is a co-production and Picomedia Ibla Film.

So dedicated to the dead in the sea of Portopalo, 283 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea nearly two decades ago, sunk down with the ship in which they were traveling when they were a few meters from the ground, from Sicily, from the dream of being able to live a better life .

Stories sunk, immersed in water, which are to join the many massacres that have deleted the lives of migrants during their so-called journey of hope. But that of Portopalo Ghosts is a massacre that nobody talks about, forgotten, sunk in the seabed.

And ‘the night between Christmas and Boxing Day 1996. A turbulent night, with the rough sea. Two boats will spend part of the load carrying: migrants. In the storm, the ship F 174, which is nearing the end of the trip, cola sheer into the sea. It takes you into the belly 283 men, 283 lives swallowed by the waters of the Mediterranean. “Missing Persons, because the massacre was not registered by the authorities, and no one ever looked for them.” But no institution moves to search for the wreck.

We have to wait 2001: investigation of journalist Giovanni Maria Bellu allows to shed light on what happened that night and four Italian Nobel Prizes are asking the authorities to take steps for the recovery of the ship and, above all, its human cargo. The wreck is identified. Underwater images document the cemetery guarded in the depths.

Editorial Staff