Taranta Sicily Fest, August 20 the VI Edition

Tarnata Sicily Fest 0.
Rhythm, music and feel like summer: are you ready to leave you itching? Back to Scicli (RG) Saturday, August 20, 2016 the Taranta Sicily Fest and the desire to dance and stomp to the sound of pinches and tarantula.
Promoter of the event will be, as always, the socio-cultural association EVENTS BAROQUE, which aims at the dissemination of cultural, theatrical and artistic activities, and over the years has brought on stage artists like Alessandra Ristuccia, Pupi surfaro, and Kalàshima Salento, Salento Ensemble, the dancer Anna Envy, and not least the top of Salento groups that excited and sparked more than 7000 people attended the event last year, the Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino.
The event “Taranta Sicily Fest,” aims to promote popular music as a whole, with particular attention to the folk music of southern Italy. The target audience is that of lovers of popular culture manifested in all its forms, belonging to all age groups. After the success of previous editions, which have a total registered the presence of more than ten thousand people from all over Sicily, it renews the appointment with one of the most anticipated summer events, to rediscover Scicli as new Taranta capital for the many who will come from every part of Sicily and beyond.
Soon further news on the location and the artists who will be performing this year.
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